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There people are already "szoping" (shopping) for clothes, such as a 'tiszert', or going for a 'drinkowac' at the pub, presumably with a 'lajtowy' or light, easy going person."English is being used more and more," said Aneta Prasal-Wisniewska, a specialist on Polish and British cultural links at the Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw.

"It's connected to the rise of the internet and the fact that people are travelling so much more." "There are some small Polish towns and cities where huge groups left to go the UK, now when they meet up together back in Poland it's no surprise if they use slang with English words," she said.

"It's not a conscious, rational thing," said Magda Pustola, "It's just there and slips out.

In a way it's about getting creative." Other Ponglish words have not been borrowed, but simply stolen, out of necessity.

Ms Pustola said that the word "highstreet" had quickly been adopted by Poles in London "because we just don't have the equivalent of how London is made up of lots of little towns, each with a main street".

But in Warsaw, young Poles are quickly adopting the new vocabulary.But patient groups said the plans to plug that gap by recruiting foreign medics, who will undergo just 12 weeks training in Poland before being flown to the UK, was a sign of “desperation” by health secretary Jeremy Hunt.Joyce Robins from Patient Concern said: “Patients need a GP who can chat to them about their concerns, not someone who has just finished an English language course.” uk has contacted the Polish ministry of health for comment.“We are never against mobility but on the other hand the question of active recruitment, which still happens, is a problem.” He also pointed to guidelines from the World Health Organisation, which state that countries should consider the needs of patients in other countries when recruiting medics from overseas.Britain is currently suffering an A&E crisis caused in part by a lack of family doctors, with one fifth of GP surgeries now closing their doors by 3pm due to staff shortages.

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